Currently I’m a research assistant at Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), National University of Singapore (NUS). Before this I did a joint bachelors and masters in CS from IIIT Hyderabad, affiliated with CSTAR, IIIT Hyderabad and CQST, IIIT Hyderabad where I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Shantanav Chakraborty and Prof Indranil Chakrabarty.

Research Interests

I’m broadly interested in theoretical computer science (especially algorithms and complexity theory) and numerical analysis. You can find my publications here.

My CV (Updated 3 Dec 2023) PDF

About Me

I love to lift weights, jog and practice Martial Arts. In my free time I like to read and watch Sci-Fi. You can find some of the books and papers I like here. I love to code and read about large software systems. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here. I’m probably a chaotic good druid although I occasionally identify as a bard xD. Feel free to reach out to me about stuff you think I’ll like, or talk about whatever.